Baby Girl Diagnosed With Extremely Rare Skin Disease Making Every Touch Painful, She Needs Jesus’s Healing

A baby girl has been diagnosed with an extremely rare disease for little babies.

Her first 19 months of life have been extremely challenging for little Charlie. Charlie was diagnosed with psoriasis when she was just a few weeks old.

The news was surprising for her mother Ashley and her husband since the chronic skin disease doesn’t run in their family.

But it made life more than uncomfortable for the little girl. “She wouldn’t want to be held,” said Ashley, Charlie’s mother.

“She wouldn’t want to be touched, she wouldn’t want the water to touch her, it was just hell, it was miserable.” Now, when they go out in public, parents and children stare at the little girl.

“They look at her and then they look away and they try not to really stare.” She continued:

“I’m trying to take it as an opportunity to learn and to grow from rather than to feel sorry for myself because I don’t think that,” she said. “That’s a right way to deal with anything.”

Will you please pray for this little girl?

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