Horrific Accident After Little Boy Jumps On Lawnmower… Pray For His Survival

According to their gofundme, On July 24th, just two weeks after he turned 3, Roan was critically injured in a horrific accident involving a riding lawn mower.

Roan was raced to the nearest hospital an hour away from his home, then immediately transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU where he remains in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Roan’s injuries are extensive and life-altering. His right foot was amputated and he is missing a large part of his right forearm from elbow to wrist. Right now his right hand is alive and as long as it stays healthy, the doctors hope to be able to save it. Regardless, he is expected to have severe nerve damage and will need prosthetics to walk.

Roan has already undergone three surgeries with another major reconstructive surgery expected in the coming days. He faces a very long road ahead with more surgeries, rehabilitation, prosthetics and therapies.

Roan’s family faces fast-mounting medical bills to get little Roan on the road to recovery.

As stressful as this situation continues to be, Roan’s mother Melissa is due to give birth to her and husband Sean’s fourth child at any time. Melissa herself faces recovery time as well as the constant needs of a newborn, and those of their 1 year old daughter, Liv and 6 year old son, Colin.

We do not know how much this is going to cost but we know that this tragedy will be financially catestrophic for Sean and Melissa. ANY donation amount, be it large or small, is SO GREATLY appreciated and will help ease the burden for the family during Roan’s long and intensive recovery.

Thank you for the outpouring of love and well-wishes we have received so far. Please continue to keep Roan and his mother, father and siblings in your thoughts and prayers. We will provide updates as they come.

More about Roan:

Roan has always been an active and curious little boy who revels in exploring the outdoors and shares great enthusiasm for monster trucks with his older brother, Colin.

When he’s not playing with his brother, he likes to help feed baby Liv. He loves sleeping in. Roan also loves spending time with his grandparents, uncles and two aunties, including “Shell” and Mia.

We are updating Roan’s progress every day, so please check back for the latest.


If you would like to make a private donation, please email teamroansullivan@gmail.com Will you donate?

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