Little Girl Beaten And Thrown From Car By Mother’s Boyfriend, Pray For This Sweet Baby

A young girl was viciously beaten by a grown man three weeks ago.

She suffered horrible injuries, as she was beaten, strangled, and thrown from a moving vehicle by a grown man, the boyfriend of her mother.

She is now in a full body cast to aid with her recovery.

Her father recently posted a Gofundme asking for help and prayers in the little girl’s recovery.

“On October 29, 2016, my youngest daughter, 2 year old Jayonna, was nearly killed by her mothers boyfriend.

My sweet, beautiful baby girl had multiple bones broken, was strangled, kicked, punched and thrown out of a vehicle by a grown man. By the grace of God, she was found and taken to the hospital.

She required surgery, a full body cast and a week in the hospital but she was alive. CPS immediately stepped in and gave me & my (new) wife full custody of the girls (3 of them).

Her abuser is in jail and we will be at every court hearing, praying for justice for our little girl.

Jayonna will have an uphill battle with healing. When the casting comes off, she won’t be able to walk and will need extensive therapy for about a year.

Her emotional health is also of great concern and we want to get all 3 girls into counseling as soon as possible.

This is something she will never forget, but we don’t want it to change her from the sweet, bright eyed, happy toddler that she is.

Now, the asking for help part. I am a humble man. My wife and I are Christians.

I work hard to support my family (which is now my wife and I, and 5 children in a 2 bd house). With Jayonna’s extreme injuries, I needed to take a leave of absence from my job to stay home and care for her. My wife is in college full time and this brought our income to a halt. It is not easy or appealing to ask total strangers for help, but here I am.

My family needs help and I will never be too proud of a man to ask for it. We are hoping to raise money for medical bills not covered, therapy equipment for the house, a bigger apartment/house, to make this Christmas a special one for these kids and basic day to day expenses while I’m off of work.

We, as a family, thank you for your kindness and generosity. We know that God will take care of us and we appreciate your willingness to participate.


The Walker Family, Spokane WA

Andrew & Jessica

Aakiylah-5, TaNayah-6, Andrielle-4, Jayonna-2, Andrew-1.”

Please pray for this little girl!

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